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Plasticine Smart Materials

Plasticine Smart Materials

This is a small library of 20 smart materials for Adobe 3D Painter to recreate the look and feel of plasticine in 3D. The resources in this mini-pack are pretty simple but totally customizable so would be able to change the face of the plasticine types very easily when texturing.

I have also put together a step-by-step video tutorial where I show you how to create a custom plasticine Smart Material in 3D Painter and you can check it out here.

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Plasticine Smart Materials

Why this pack?

Some Examples.

All of the images below are simple 3D objects that have been rendered with the materials included in this pack.

Resource Insight.

The resources in this pack are very simple to use. They are just smart materials for 3D Painter, so all you have to do is load them up into your library and drag and drop them into your meshes.

When you add a new Smart Materials to your layer stack in 3D Painter, it comes as a folder with all its layers. all the layers and subfolders are named so you can turn them on and off to see the effect they are having on the final look of the material. You can also combine multiple smart materials together or modify the layers to your liking (colour, roughness, level of dirt and details, etc).

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What to expect?


This mini-pack includes 20 Smart materials: 8 basic plasticine materials and 12 more advanced templates with various finishes and plasticine details.

The basic 8 materials are mainly to get you started with some primary and secondary colours that you can just through into your model and start mixing. The other more advanced materials have different types of high-frequency details, various levels of ‘dirtiness’ and mixed layers that you can refine to get the look you are after.


Using the pack is as simple as changing the colour on one of the layers and refind the amount of roughness in another… The pack also comes with some bonus materials including a series of tileable normal maps that simulate imperfections, dents and scratches f the plasticine material, so you can use them in any other renderers to produce the imperfections on your models.

Bonus Materials

Another set of bonus resources on this tiny pack of Smart Materials is the ‘studio backplates’.

I compiled around 300 photos with shallow depth of field of my ‘Plasticine tools and studio’ so you can use them as backgrounds on your renders to add an extra level of complexity and realism ;)