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Digital Clay Pack

Digital Clay Pack

A collection of 45 ZBrush custom brushes to recreate the ‘look and feel’ of real clay sculptures in your characters and creatures. This pack also comes with 20 PBR clay texture sets, additional tileable maps (normals and displacements), a base to display your models and a quick start guide!

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Digital Clay Pack

Why this pack?

Some Examples.

Below are some examples showing the combination of a few clay brushes with some of the PBR tileable textures over a simple plane (The renders are from Marmoset Toolbag 3).

Resource Insight.

The brushes from this pack have different purposes and have been organized in different categories. For instance, you have the CLAY BASES which are brushes to produce the basic look of a rough clay sculpture. Then you have SCULPTING brushes that can be used like the default clay brushes in ZBrush but with a lot more details on the stroke. The DETAILS brushes are precisely for high-frequency details like ‘fingerprints’ and other brushes like RAKES are ideal to accentuate the rough look of the real clay sketchy sculpture.

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What to expect?


The ZBrush brushes in this pack behave like sculpting brushes such as the Standard or clay brushes… so the effect of the clay imperfections is created as you sculpt and refine the surface.

The additional textures and maps are a great way to generate even more details and complexity at render time. For instance, you can choose not so sculpt fingerprints (with the brushes) and just add a fingerprint normal map (included) at render time!

The example sketch on the right has been 100% sculpted and textured with the brushes and resources in this pack. (3D base to display meshes also included).


  • The Digital Clay Pack comes with 30 custom clay brushes for ZBrush (All brushes created with ZBrush 2020.1.1).
  • 20 sets of various clay PBR textures at 2K (Metal-rough). Including Base Color, Normal, Height, AO, and Roughness.
  • Bonus: 10 sets of 2 tileable maps to add details (Normal and Displacement maps).
  • Bonus: FBX file with Base mesh to display your models with two sets of PBR textures.
  • A Quick Start Guide in PDF format, with a short description of what each brush does, and tips on how to use them to achieve the best results.

Bonus Materials

The bonus maps that come with this pack are custom tileable textures that were created manually by sculpting a plane in ZBrush using the brushes from the pack.

This means that you can also use the brushes to create even more maps and more resources to use in your projects

Creating additional tileable maps is a great way to further refine the look of your sculptures within the render engine of your choice.

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