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Creating a prop in the FORTNITE style!

What’s the challenge:

The next art challenge in August is all about having fun and trying something different! 

The theme for this month's challenge is based on the game: 'FORTNITE', which I’m sure you are all familiar with or have heard about it and it is for all artists from the community to participate.

What you need to do for this challenge is to create your own prop in the FORTNITE visual style. You can go for a full-on suit, a weapon, a helmet, a massive hammer, a dagger, a magic talisman, etc… The only requirement is that it has to be a prop that a character could wear or can carry as an accessory. 


- Submit a single final image of 1500 x 1500 pixels in the #art-submissions channel (Discord)

- The concept should be a character prop (items that can be used by the character)

- You can use any software you want. The key is to make it look part of the FORTNITE world

- The prop doesn’t have to be for any particular character but you can make your prop for a specific character if you prefer.

Remeber that the monthly challenges are hosted in the Discord server. You can join us if you haven't from the link below:

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