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Tabletop Figurine Challenge

Tabletop Figurine Challenge

Prepare yourself for a new burst of creativity with our exciting art challenge... Join the "Tabletop Game Figurine Design" challenge!


  • The challenge is open to participants of all skill levels, just give it your best shot!.
  • Participants must be in the Pablander Discord server to enter the challenge. If you haven't joined or want to invite other artist, feel free to share this invite link: https://discord.gg/A35DmkWCPE

Submission Guidelines:

  • The aim is for you to create a 3D design of a tabletop game figurine.
  • Submissions can be made in any 3D modeling software or tool of your choice, But you need to used the provided ‘HexBase.obj’ file from the challenge's channel as the base for your figurine (unaltered).
  • The figuring should fit the provided HexBase object but it’s ok if there are parts of the figurine that stick out a bit.
  • The submission has two parts: 1) A short turntable video of your figurine with a blain black background - video format should be MP4. And 2) A nice rendered image of your figurine from your favourite angle (it can have a background or not, up to you) - Image should be PNG or JPEG
  • Each participant can submit only one entry (including both video and render).

Head over to the Discord server to read the full list of rules, submission process and prizes. Let’s take advantage of the supportive and creative atmosphere we have within our community, and feel free to share ideas, references and offer feedback to others. Good luck everyone!

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