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Insect Detailing Brushes for ZBrush

Insect Detailing Brushes for ZBrush

This is a pack of 34 sculpting brushes to detail insects in ZBrush. These brushes can also be used to generate a wide range of intricate patterns for all sorts of creature work

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Insect Detailing Brushes for ZBrush

Why this pack?

Some Examples.

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Although these brushes were developed during and for a series of projects involving realistic insect close-ups, the effects from the brushes work really well on any type of creature design… let’s face it, if you are designing and sculpting creatures, there are probably a few closeup photos of insects on you reference board ;)

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What to expect?


The brushes in this pack can be subdivided into 3 main categories: Lines, patterns and noises. In this quick guide, I’m going to give you a brief summary of the effect of the brushes and how to use them.

The first thing you’ll need to know about this pack is that it was designed to work in combination with the ‘Smooth peaks’ brush. This is a smoothing brush that comes with ZBrush by default and as the names suggest, it smooths the ‘peaks’ or high points of the surface without affecting much of the crevices and details that are pushed in.

This is why some of the effects of some brushes might seem a bit harsh. However, when you smooth the details with the Smooth Peaks brush, you’ll see that it cleans up the surface while keeping the nice details of the brush.


The small animated gif on the side is a 3D plane sculpted with some of the brushes in this pack in about 1 min. This is just to illustrate the complexity of details you can generate by combining and layering the effects from the brushes in this pack.

The noise brushes give you a quick way to add high-frequency details and suggest potential extra details. These brushes also have a more general effect but each effect is slightly different so you can combine them to produce a very particular ‘noise’.

The ‘line’ brushes produce a more linear effect and they are ideal for more manual detailing. These are brushes that can be very helpful to define the direction of the details as well as create more prominent ridges.

Pattern brushes create intricate patterns following the direction of your stroke. The most important thing to keep in mind when using pattern brushes is that they are intended to be used with the smooth peaks brush and therefore the effect you’ll get is intentionally very strong.

Bonus Materials

These are some bonus materials I made while I was developing the brushes in this pack and I thought you might find some good use for them. Nothing fancy just custom settings and images for MatCaps in ZBrush, but they give a very nice iridescent feel to the objects while you work on them.

TIP: When working with these types of materials in ZBrush (or most metallic ones), you can turn on the ‘Occlusion’ preview to see sharper details from Render > Preview AO > Occlusion.

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