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Horns & Antlers Pack

Horns & Antlers Pack

This is a simple set of detailed assets with a variety of different horns and antlers that you can use in your creature and animal projects! The pack comes with IMM brushes, base meshes, subtools with subdivision levels, and a couple of extras ‘curve brushes’ that are a lot of fun to play with. Fun fact: a lot of the high-frequency details of the horns were created with tweaked versions of the ‘Bark & Wood brushes pack’.

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Horns & Antlers Pack

Why this pack?

Some Examples.

These are some examples of the various types of horns and antlers you can find in the pack. All assets in this pack come as an optimised IMM brush (Decimated) as well as ZBrush Subtools with base meshes and subdivision levels. The idea is to provide you with a quick and easy way prototype ideas and to create variations for any project that might need horns or antlers.

Resource Insight.

The pack comes with a few files, so you can access the assets in different ways. There are two Ztools, one for the animal horns and one for the fantasy, each one of them containing multiple subtools with all the horns and antlers, including the subdivision levels. There are also a couple of different IMM brushes for each ‘type’ (animals or fantasy): The base mesh IMM which only has the clean base meshes of all the horns, and the optimised IMM, which has the optimised (decimated) but detailed version of all the horns.

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What to expect?


This pack has a variaty of different horns and antlers that can already be used in your projects. Some of the assets are very unique so it might be a good idea to tweak them a little to make them yours, this is why there is also a version of each asset with Subdivisions as well as the based mesh.

There are two types of assets included in the pack:

Animal horns: These assets are based on the horns and antlers of real animals like a Ram, a Gemsbok, a water buffalo, an Alpine Ibex, a Markhor, etc.

Fantasy horns: The fantasy horns and antlers are completely made up but also based on some real references so these are assets that will work well for any type of creature or fantasy character.


With this pack you get:

  • Horns & Antlers IMMS:
    • Horns & Antlers ANIMAL bases (clean base meshes)
    • Horns & Antlers ANIMAL Quick-Concept (Detailed Decimated)
    • Horns & Antlers FANTASY bases (clean base meshes)
    • Horns & Antlers FANTASY Quick-Concept (Detailed Decimated)
  • Horns & Antlers Subtools
    • Horns & Antlers ANIMAL - Subdivision levels
    • Horns & Antlers FANTASY - Subdivision levels
  • Horns & Antlers BONUS
    • 6 Curve IMM brushes to make custom horns

Bonus Materials

In this pack there is also 6 additional simple curve brushes that are a lot of fun. These bonus brushes allow you to quickly block out the bases for different type of horns just using the Curve feature of the ZBrush brushes.

The cool thing about these extra brushes is that you can control the thickness based on the size of your brush and give shape to the horns by adjusting the curve that is created when you click and drag on your mesh.

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