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Giger & Beksiński inspired pack

Giger & Beksiński inspired pack

This is a collection of 45 custom ZBrush brushes inspired by the amazing work of Zdzisław Beksiński’s dystopian surrealism and Hans Ruedi Giger’s biomechanical aesthetic. The pack also comes with 35 noise maker presets and 11 custom MatCaps.

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Giger & Beksiński inspired pack

Why this pack?

Some Examples.

The illustrations and concepts below were sculpted in ZBrush and detailed using the brushes from this pack.

Resource Insight.

The Giger & Beksiński Inspired Pack comes with 45 brushes that have been created with the specific purpose of helping create intricate patterns and detail your models in ZBrush. These brushes simplify the process of adding complex organic patterns for your ‘creepy’ concepts. The brushes can also be tweaked, using ‘Alt’ to invert the effect, to produce even more variations in your designs.

Different brushes have different behaviour and ways that you can apply the effect to the surface (refer to Quick start guide in the PDF included in the download file for more info). You’ll get a variety of  ‘Curve’, ‘Pattern’, ‘Directional’, ‘Membrane’ and ‘General purpose’ brushes.

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What to expect?


The brushes from this pack are really fun and they will help you create a variety of very cool patterns. There are a couple of ‘curve’ brushes for instance, that have 7 or 8 variations of the ‘tubes’ you can create with them, so you actually get 15 variations within those two brushes.

Other brushes like the ones from the ‘general purpose’ category work really well with any type of project to simple sharpen your details or exaggerate the volumes.

The ‘Membrane’ and ‘Patterns’ are awesome to produce really ‘creepy’ and organic surfaces, but keep in mind that most of these brushes are ideal for detailing so you still need a solid base with a solid volume to take full advantage of their effects.


  • A collection of 45 Custom brushes (.ZBP files) to detail creatures. (all brushes were created with  ZBrush 2021.6.6)  
  • 2. A Quick Start Guide in PDF format, with a short description of the different brushes and tips on how to use them.
  • 3. A quick start video reference tutorial showing you a practical example of how to use some of the brushes, workflow and a few other tips and tricks for detailing surfaces (you can also watch the tutorial on this page below).
  • 4. Bonus materials: This pack also includes 35 preset for the surface noise in ZBrush to add further details to your meshes as well as 11 custom MatCaps that look great with the effect of the brushes

Bonus Materials

This pack also comes with 35 noise maker presets and 11 custom MatCaps. Some of the MatCaps have settings that works best when you do a simple BPR render so make sure you try the MatCaps with a quick BPR from ZBrush.

Also, all the Noise Maker presets are just settings to get you started but you can load one of the presets from the bonus materials and tweak it further and make something completly different that suits your project!

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