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Cloth and Drapery brushes pack

Cloth and Drapery brushes pack

This is a pack of 54 custom brushes that will simplify and speed up the process of setting up folds, sculpt wrinkles and detail various types of fabrics in ZBrush!

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Cloth and Drapery brushes pack

Why this pack?

Some Examples.

Resource Insight.

The pack comes with 4 types of brushes that you can use on their own or in combination: Sculpting brushes, Curve-based brushes, Alpha-drag brushes and a couple of ‘special’ Dynamic brushes.

This pack of brushes is a set of resources I built for myself and that I use for any of my projects involving clothes, so they have a practical application.

Obviously, the focus of the brushes included in the pack is on sculpting folds and drapery, but most brushes can be used to create all sorts of organic details like ‘creature thick skin folds’

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What to expect?


With this pack you’ll get a ‘.ZIP’ file including:

  • One folder with all the brushes for ZBrush organized in 4 categories (4 additional subfolders) for a total of 54 ‘.zbp’ files
  • One folder containing the video tutorial/overview
  • One folder containing the bonus materials two additional folders for PBR materials and Tileable Alphas
  • One PDF quick start guide with an introduction to the pack and a brief description of each one of the brushes included.


These brushes have been organised in 4 categories with icons so that you can easily organise them in your library and recognise the ‘application method’. The ‘pattern’ and ‘dragRect’ brushes will give you very specific effects based on the alphas associated with each brush. The Sculpting and Curve-based brushes, on the other hand, can be extremely useful not only to block out the primary shapes or details of the mesh but also to quickly create new patterns and alphas for sculpting.

Bonus Materials

The pack also comes with some cool additional resources to use in your projects including a set of PBR materials for fabrics as well as Tileable alphas (black and white images). These resources can be used in a variety of ways, for instance, the ‘height’ map of the PBR texture sets, can be used in ZBrush (or other software) as an alpha for further details. The tileable textures can be applied as surface noise in ZBrush to add additional high-frequency details to your objects.

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