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Bark & Wood Brushes Pack

Bark & Wood Brushes Pack

This set of brushes has been designed to simplify the sculpting and detailing process of wood and bark textures allowing you to create intricate details and patterns to your meshes. This collection contains 115 sculpting brushes in 3 main categories: Sculpting brushes, Layering brushes and basic alpha-based brushes, there are also a couple of random discovery brushes just for fun and I’ve also included the ‘Pablander_Slash’ to help you create very convincing effects.

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Bark & Wood Brushes Pack

Why this pack?

Some Examples.

Here are a few images of the same cylindrical shape that has been detailed with different brushes to create completely different finishes of bark/wood. Below you can also see a some closeups to a mesh detailed with the effects of single brushes.

Resource Insight.

All the brushes in this pack are organised in 3 main categories (and a couple of extras). 1. Layering brushes: These brushes create a layered strong effect so you can cover a large surface area with a single stroke, 2. Sculpting brushes: These are brushes that will create details on the surface of the mesh but compared to the layering brushes the surface won’t be displaced as much, keeping your original volume. 3 Basic alpha-based brushes: These are simple ‘click and drag’ brushes that will apply a detailed alpha over the mesh. Each brush icon has a snapshot of the effect it produces and at the bottom left corner you can see an icon to identify the type of brush it is.

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What to expect?


In this pack  you’ll find a wide range of wood patterns and the type of details could be organised in 3 types:

Hardwood patterns: to achieve more uniform wood veins and overall a solid even surface

Sapwood patterns: for more random and rougher surfaces that are likely to have more visible changes in the patterns

Bark patterns: For any rough and highly detailed surface with lots of contrast

Some brushes have a name associated with the type of tree or bark type that they can recreate, like Ash-rough-base-pattern or Sequoia-strong-pattern. However, the intention was to keep the brushes as generic as possible so that you can have full control to customise the look of your assets.


With this pack of brushes for ZBrush, you get:

  • 115 custom brushes for bark and wood effects:
  • 14 Layering brushes
  • 71 Sculpting brushes
  • 27 Basic alpha-based brushes
  • 2 Random Discovery brushes
  • 1 custom slash brush (Pablander_Slash)
  • 1 video tutorial covering the main use of the brushes, a bit of the sculpting workflow, how to create your own brushes, plus additional tips and tricks.
  • 1 Quick start guide in PDF format covering the basics of what you need to know to make the most out of the brushes
  • 11 MatCap materials as bonus

Bonus Materials

The 11 matcaps included in this pack are just some additional fun resources that you might find useful to either display a model with lots of details or as a sculpting material.

All extra ZBrush MatCaps are based on custom images with a few tweaks from the Materials Modifiers. You can load them up by double clicking the files and further customise the look of the material from the modifiers subpalette.

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