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Advanced ROCK brushes pack

Advanced ROCK brushes pack

This pack contains 70 custom brushes to create rocks in ZBrush, plus a couple of additional resources. These brushes are not just simple alphas, they allow you to sculpt as you would with a Standard brush or clay buildup brush, whilst creating interesting rock patterns with plenty of details.

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Advanced ROCK brushes pack

Why this pack?

Some Examples.

Here are some examples to give you an idea of the type of assets and environments that you can create with the brushes in this pack. All of meshes (rock formations) for the concepts below were sculpted in ZBrush using the Advanced ROCKS brushes pack.

Resource Insight.

There are plenty of brushes to play around with. This pack also comes with brushes from different categories that can be used at different stages of the process. Below you can see examples of the 1. Structural brushes, to set up the overall structure of the rock in the early stages of the process. 2. Detailing brushes, ideal to add complexity and realism to the rocks. 3. Polish brushes, to refine the shapes and 4. Miscellaneous brushes, suitable for different scenarios and encourage experimentation!

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What to expect?


The cool thing about this brushes is that although they use alphas, you can use them like any other sculpting brush and as you draw a new stroke, the details will be created based on the behaviour of the selected brush. There is a wide range of details and effects in this pack but it is up to you how those brushes are used, so mixing different effects you can generate totally different styles of rocks!


With this pack you'll get:

  • 50_Rock_Brushes_Pack.rar - This compressed file includes all the custom brushes
  • Rock_Brushes_ZBrush_4R8_Update.rar - containing 20 additional brushes (for a total of 70 brushes in the pack)
  • Rock_PBR_Textures.rar - Is the largest file (3.5 Gigs so be careful if you have limited internet data). This file has the 15 textures for PBR workflow (15 x 5maps)
  • Rock_References.rar - This file has the 55 high-res images for reference
  • Rocks_Advanced_brushes_quick_guide.pdf - Is the user guide with a short description of each brush and how to use them.

Bonus Materials

Additionally to the 70 brushes on this pack, you’ll get 55 high-resolution reference images and 15 tileable rock textures (4K) as bonus material (including Normal, height, roughness and base colour maps).

Here is an extra tip: The high res images included are of a pretty good quality so they can be used to quickly generate more PBR materials using a tool like Substance 3D Sampler (to create additonal texture maps from a photo).

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