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2D Sketches from 3D Meshes - ZBrush BPR filters pack

2D Sketches from 3D Meshes - ZBrush BPR filters pack

The pack for your ‘2D Sketching rendering needs’. This is a pack of ZBrush render and filter settings to render any 3D mesh as a 2D rough sketch. The collection comes with 24 ready-to-use BPR settings to recreate the look and feel of Blue pencil sketches, graphite, pen, charcoal and more. There are also 4 special filters and 3 custom MatCaps for a more advanced effect.

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2D Sketches from 3D Meshes - ZBrush BPR filters pack

Why this pack?

Some Examples.

All of the sketches in the images below are in fact 3D Meshes that have been rendered with this pack of filters in ZBrush with a single click (I placed the renders in some sketchbook mockups just for fun):

Resource Insight.

The resources in this pack of filters are very simple to use. You can load all the render settings (including tweaks to the shadows, transparency, etc) or just the filters settings and then click the BPR button. All the filters can be further customised to suit your needs, all you have to do is select the filter/effect you want to edit and adjust the settings of how it is being applied to the rendered image.

Another cool thing about the filters is that they rely on the shading and contrast of the chosen material in ZBrush. Aside from the 4 special filters, the rest have been created to work nicely with the Basic Material in ZBrush, but you can choose a different MatCap like RedWax or Reflect03 and the result of using the same filter will vary giving you a lot more options!

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What to expect?


The filters in this pack are really fun to play with and they will help you create 2D sketches from the 3D meshes in a variety of styles. There are filters to achieve the look of clean and sharp linework but also filters to produce a rougher sketch with more imperfections.

There are filters for blue pencils, graphite pencils, charcoal, pen, markers and other cool stuff like a badly printed photocopy or a newspaper print effect. Additionally to the filters and the 3 MatCaps for blue pencil, there are 31 tileable textures with patterns to add ‘noise’ and details to your renders. You can easily swap the texture file from the ‘Texture overlay’ filters and completely change the look of the render.

In the pack, you’ll also find a video tutorial walking you through the simple setup in ZBrush to achieve optimal results and a Quick Start Guide (PDF) that you can use as a reference.


With this ZBrush BPR filters pack you get:

- 24 different BPR settings and filters to render 3D objects as 2D sketches in ZBrush

- 4 Special BPR filters settings that work best with the Blue_Pencil_ADVANCED MatCap

- 3 ‘Blue Pencil’ ZBrush Materials

- 31 Tileable textures with ‘Sketchy’ patterns that you can use to customise the look of your renders (swapping the texture overlay filter in some of the filter settings of this pack).

- 4 Bonus tileable paper textures

- A Quick Start Guide in PDF format with the reference for the resources of the pack and a few tips and tricks.

- 1 Video tutorial covering the setup and use of the filters and how to customise them.

Bonus Materials

The 31 tileable textures in the bonus of this pack are intended to be used as overlay textures on some of the filters, but you also get the 4 tileable paper textures that you can use as a ‘pattern’ in Photoshop to add an extra level of complexity to your renders.

For instance, you can use Paper 01 as a background texture and place your ZBrush render on top and set the blending mode to Multiply. Then you can use Paper 04 on top of the layers and add a bit of extra ‘noise’ and texture to the linework ;)

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