Your Resources Page

A collection of various resources to help you with the different areas of your work!

A contribution from my own 3D shelf:

ZTools and Meshes

Here are a few base meshes and ZTools to give you a head start on your own projects.

Materials and MatCaps

Library of ZBrush materials and MatCaps to sculpt, to render, to preview and just for fun.


Ready to use, custom brushes; from multi-mesh insert to grooming brushes.


A collection of alphas to add details to your models or modify brushes behavior.

ZBrush UIs

A series of UIs I have designed to suit my own particular needs that you might find useful.


Everything else is in here. Lighting set ups, projects, settings, textures, etc.

A selection of popular post with resources

Great Artists You Need To Follow

Just a very small selection of great 3D artists, not only incredibly talented but also very helpful and wiling to share their knowledge.

Other useful links

Resources, photo references, free stock images, textures, tutorials, etc.

Awesome Resources

Pixologic Download Center

Straight from the source, a large collection of great plugins, grids, MatCaps, alphas and textures from the ZBrush community..

Insert Multi Mesh repository

A very juice forum thread with great artists that generously share all sort of Insert Multi-Mesh brushes.


You need to bookmark and follow this site to keep up with all their resources and professional content.


Here you can find a variety of CG resources for most software. Great to find plugins and models.

sIBL Archive

Fantastic Free HDRI sets for smart image-based lighting.

Art by papercut

From this site you can download the VERTEX eBook, edited by Ryan Hawkins. YOU MUST HAVE THESE!

Forums And Feedback


In my opinion, this is simply one of the most active, helpful, and talented community of artist.

CG Talk

One of the largest CG communities. a fantastic place to get feedback on your fork and meet new artists.


If you want to be a game artist this probably will be your home page. Super helpful community of great artists.

3D Total forum

Another great forum to discus particular topics. Very helpful with particular issues you might face in the CG world.

CG Feedback

I discovered this site recently and I think is a great alternative to get good feedback on your work.

Photos And Textures


Easily the best place to get good quality HDRI images.

CG Textures

This site is probably one of the best places you’ll find to get image resources.


High quality textures for photorealistic renders.

Hand Painted Textures

Here you’ll find a collection of super cool tileable hand painted textures. Very inspiring work!

Lost & Taken

Free good quality textures with content updated very often.

Free Stock Texture

Another super useful website with heaps of very nice free textures.

luGher Texture

More textures!, this site is very very handy and you can find HDRI, face references, tileable textures, etc. Its great!!!

Plain Textures

more textures sites? Yes! this one is great as well with heaps of useful and free photos. The images with transparency are particularly good!

Texture Lib

I discovered this site recently and it has a large collection of good quality images, very well organized and simple to use! thanks to Dmitriy Chugai.

Normal Map Online

I recently found out about this little handy tool. It allows you to create multiple maps online such as displacement, Normals, AO, etc. It is GPU based

More tutorials


Tips, tricks, full tutorials and guide about all great ZBrush features are in here!

Gnomon Workshops

Probably some of the best tutorials out there with great industry insights and relevant information.

3D Total

Tutorials, articles, resources, interviews, news…. everything can be found here really… This could easily be the default page that loads when you start your internet browser!

3D Motive

Great website for CG tutorials, specially modeling in 3D. More content being added regularly.

Eat 3D

high quality tutorials, specially for game artists and people interested in VFX.


Want to polish your painting skills? this is the best site to learn everything about digital painting!

Art References

Bodies in motion

An invaluable resource for human anatomy showing bodies in motion.

Anatomy Tools

Amazing resource full of educational materials on human anatomy.

Anatomy for sculptors

This has to be one of the most useful, more comprehensive and best anatomy reference for any 3D artist. Do get the books!


A fantastic set of references and tools to help you with anatomy.


This is great reference for the human body. The free version has plenty of information and is very easy to use.

This site has a huge library of human photos and reference for your models. Also check their royalty free 3D scans

human anatomy for artist

Another great site to search for anatomy references.