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Hi I’m Pablo (AKA Pablander)

I love making art as well as sharing what I know – including the techniques that I use within my work-flow. I created ZBrushGuides to be a place where I can share with you everything I know, from digital and traditional sculpting, to sketching and illustration. In this site you will find a variety of tutorials, articles, videos and eBooks all of which will show you exactly HOW I make the things I love doing… You’ll also find resources I created which you could utilise in your own projects. For me, learning never stops – whilst I’m at it – I hope that by sharing what I’ve learnt, I can inspire you and help you with your journey too!

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A Guide to: Getting Started With Sculptris

With this short guide, you’ll learn the basics concepts to get you started with Sculptris and sculpting within minutes. I make various reference to ZBrush tools and features, so this should serve you as introduction to ZBrush too!

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A Guide to: ZBrush Comic Style Render

With this tutorial, you’ll learn various methods to produce a comic-style illustration in ZBrush Using MatCap materials, custom shaders and BPR

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