ZBrush ||Double Action|| Brushes Tutorial PART 2

Creating MORE ZBrush “Double Action” Brushes


Following the amazing response I got from the original tutorial on creating “double action” brushes in ZBrush, I decided to do a follow up video, to show you a few other extra attributes that you can tweak to further advanced the effects of your custom brushes.

In this video tutorial I walk you through the modifiers from the Depth sub-palette plus an additional attribute from the Modifiers sub-palette that I left out in PART 1. I’ll also show you the practical use of some of the “Double Action” brushes I created to sculpt details on my “Franky” character (you can see the full sculpting time-lapse here).


To keep things organised, this new video tutorial will be PART 2 of the series. There are a few concepts in this tutorial, that I think could be categorised as intermediate or advanced, but in most cases, you can play around with the sliders and compare the effects. If you are unsure of some of the terms I use, you can check this 3D lingo where I listed some commonly used terms in 3D with simple descriptions. 

If you have already tested the skin pores and creature bumpy skin brushes from the resources pack in PART 1, you’ve probably noticed that the effect of one brush can override the other, like in this example below:


So, I will also show you a simple workflow to combine the effect of various brushes while keeping the sculpted details.

Let’s begin…

Software Used

ZBrush 4R7

  • Level: intermediate 70%

Learn how:

  • to tweak attributes from the Depth subpalette
  • to add an extra level of control with “Trails”
  • to use the double action brushes together

Tutorial Resources

The image below shows the practical application of the double action brushes mentioned in this tutorial. click on it to enlarge.

Here you can watch the full time-lapse of adding details to the “Franky” sektch.

The tutorial:

I hope this tutorial is useful and I look forward to see what custom brushes you make!

Let me know what you think in the comments below or if you have any questions! Happy ZBrushing!

In the resources of this post I created a Double Action brushes pack that I’m sure you’ll enjoy! here are some previews of what these new brushes do:


Burnt skin scar

Limit Web Scar

Quick Semi Scar

Skin Base

Creature Deep Scar

Random Lizard Skin

Skin Folds


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