Hey Guys, I was asked about how I created the skin texture for The Sailor render so here is a super quick guide outlining the steps I took for creating the skin colour. By the way, the colour is just polypaint using multiple layers within ZBrush, the model doesn’t have UVs so I didn’t bothered with texture maps.

The texturing process of “the Sailor” is quite simple, and it’s a technique that can be applied to most types of skin, even creatures with a different skin tone.

This is the model without polypaint. On the top left corner, there is a simplified version of the step. Below it, there is the brush, stroke and alpha I used.


I started painting the whole model with a very intense red, then I used a saturated blue to defined some of the hollow areas in the skull (eyes, mouth and cheeks), then I added yellow where the bones are more prominent.


On a second layer I started painting with a more realistic flesh/skin colour with 70% opacity to create a sense of translucency on the skin. It already looks more like flesh but you should still be able to see the red, yellow and blue tones underneath.


after blocking the main colours I used a series of masking features like “mask by smoothness” and “mask by cavity” to add variations to the flesh colour.


The next level of details were done on separate layers which gave me more control on how much they were influencing the overall texture.


I hope this is useful, here is the final image.