UPDATE to the rock brushes pack!

with ZBrush 4R8 VDMs

And even more 'double action' brushes

More ‘Double Action’ brushes and VDMS!

Hey guys! This is going to be a very brief post about the new brushes and VDMs that I have included in the UPDATE to the ZBrush Advanced Brushes Pack for ROCKs.

Essentially, the update is a collection of 23 new ‘double action’ brushes and 5 VDM-based brushes, that take advantage of the new ZBrush 4R8 features. The update comes FREE to those who bought the pack already, but if you haven’t got it yet, it just means you’ll get more stuff (about 78 brushes and all the extras).

NOTE: there is a total of 32! VDMs between the 5 VMD-based brushes

For the new brushes, I focused a bit more on stylisation, ‘ground’ patterns and details. There are also a few brushes dedicated to creating melting rock or lava and a new ‘Discovery’ brush that is a bit more complex than the original one, which is really fun to play with.

Here are some of my favourite new brushes in action:

Rocky wall base

Complex discovery brush

Sharp Lava Melting

Stylised Rock Pattern

Obviously, one of the most exciting features of ZBrush 4R8 is the new Vector Displacement Maps (VDM), so I made a few brushes for this update, with multiple VDMs (of rocks). With these brushes, you’ll be able to create base meshes and concepts REALLY FAST so you can explore various ideas before you commit to something.

Here is a brief intro to all the new features in ZBrush 4R8.

Below is quick demo video that you might have already seen. The ‘cave entrance’ was sculpted in about 2 min using some of the brushes included in the update. (the video says ‘coming soon’ but the brushes are already available within the pack).

Important note: VDMs are a fantastic tool. They allow you to have a lot of information on each map. The ‘other side of the coin’, is that you’ll end up with a very big file since the brush is storing all the maps (it’s kind of like having multiple detailed .obj files within one brush). Just something to keep in mind and know that these brushes might take longer to load.

You can also use the new ‘Create’ subpalette in the Brush palette to split the VDM brushes if you want more files but at a smaller size.

That’s it for now. You can get the pack below or HERE.

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