The 3D model – Wacom AU 10th year anniversary

I had the pleasure of working on this character for the 10th year anniversary of Wacom Australia. The was asked to create a character that was going to be 3D printed and used as a centre piece in all the tables at the event / party. I had full creative freedom to create what I wanted, the only thing they said was “don’t make it too scary”.

3D model ready for print

The printed model

Unfortunately, with the 3D print some of the finer details were lost, specially on the little one (they printed a 25cm sculpture for the table and a 5cm souvenir version for the guests). Regardless of the lack of details I think it came out pretty good, it is very exiting to see some of your digital stuff in the real world.

Some initial sketches

All the concepts and sketches were done in Photoshop just to get a rough idea of were I was going. ZBrush for the sculpture and Keyshot for most preview renders

3D model closeups

Some close ups to the 3D model.

At the event

Some of the highlight at the party in Sydney! very honored to be part of such a great night and I even got to test the new Bambo Spark! it was awesome!

Here is a short video that the guys at Wacom put together about the process of bringing the character to life.
Selective laser sintering (SLS) was the technology used to print the final sculpture and the material was a thermoplastic ABS