About the process

For this illustration I started with a Dynamesh sphere as usual, working with symmetry to build basic shape. I was going for something stylized so I spent some time playing with the proportions… long neck, bigger head, prominent big lips, etc. Once the main volumes were in place, I retopologise the mesh to start the sculpting and detailing stage on a clean model with good topology. Each object its a sub-tool and for posing I used the transpose master.

Editing post-render

One thing I didn’t like about the model, after I rendered it, were the eyes. Although I wasn’t going for realistic proportions, the eyes look a bit too weird and lifeless, so I did some “liquify” magic in Photoshop as well as painting over the render.


Here are some close-ups to the high-res image that shows a bit more of details. To make the thickness of the paint over the skin I used a really cool trick: Sculpting over a stored morph target, thenĀ “erase” using the Morph brush with alphas.