The Young Collector

Here are some of the final renders and the wireframe

The model from different angles

Project Description

This one, was a very fun project. I started this character/scene to learn Substance Painter and to figure out how this awesome software could fit within my Workflow (specially to make it work with ZBrush). It took me a while to get it to this “final” state, because I had to re-do a few things along the way. Now I have a better understanding of what to do and where I should focus to get a better result. Based on what I have struggled with so far, I think that it’s all about the setting up of the project in ZBrush: optimizing the low-res mesh, applying materials, naming subtools, UV mapping, etc.

Project Details

ZBrush to sculpt the high-res mesh of each piece, to create the low-res version and the UV maps. All the texturing was done in Substance Painter,  and renders in Marmoset Toolbag 2.

Texturing process

This image shows the layers I used to texture the head and skull of the character

Texturing Process

And this one shows the layers I used to texture the rest: shoes, pants, jumper and scarf.

A few extra renders.

These render are from the same Marmoset file  but I changed the lighting and post-effects to create  more dramatic images. The first renders are to display the model and the texturing work. These ones on the other hand, are more interesting and are to set the mood of the scene and to help place the character inside his story.

Marmoset Viewer scenes

And finally here is the interactive version so you can see it from every angle and all the maps I used.

And here is a more dramatic lighting setup, simpler but more atmospheric.

Wanna try some HDRIs?

Another thing I tried with this project was to make my own reflection maps and HDRIs to light up the scene. I have packed 6 of them in a zip file for you to try (5376 x 2688, 32bits at 12EV). Its a big file – 203mb.

I might do a bigger and better HDRI pack in the future if there is interest. I hope you find these ones useful!