The illustration

Model with and without texture

About the project

The scarecrow is a model based on a very old character I did a years ago. The original scarecrow was in fact, one of the first characters I made in 3D. I used a 3D modeling software called Wings and followed the box modeling technique to build the entire character.

For this new take on my old work I used ZBrush to sketch the head using Dynamesh. I used 3 or 4 settings of fibremesh but I kept a low number of sub-tools (head, hat, eyes and dreadlocks). With BPR, I rendered various passes, that I combined after in Photoshop with the original background.

This project also presented me with the challenge of creating dreadlocks in ZBrush. After I finished with this illustration, I started to experiment with fibremesh, refining the process of creating dreadlocks, resulting in my eBook tutorial: Dreadlocks with fibermesh.

This is the original (old) scarecrow:


Here are some close-ups to the final illustration. For the most part the textures and details are done in ZBrush and rendered out with BPR, but I did a bit of work in Photoshop to enhance certain details like the eyes reflections.

Dreadlocks With Fibremesh Tutorial

Check out the FREE eBook tutorial on how to make dreadlocks in ZBrush using Fibremesh.