The Jarl Of Winter

The Jarl Of Winter

Project Description

The Jarl Of Winter was another illustration I made for the 3D Artist magazine. It was published on issue 97, along with a detailed tutorial about the creation process from start to finish. I started with a few rough coloured sketches to get the mood right, then moved to ZBrush to sculpt and detail the character. The textures were made in Substance Painter 2 and I used Keyshot Pro to render various passes (mainly lights). For compositing and a bit of paint-over details, I used Photoshop.

On the cover 🙂

The final illustration in the cover of issue 97.

2D rough concept

This is one of the final 2D sketches I used as reference. It’s a rough concept done with krita and my Cintiq Companion.

Part of the process…

is to test different things and see what works. I use the ZBrush to Keyshot bridge to jump back and forth and test my textures with my lighting. I often save screenshots and open them in Photoshop to do a quick paint-over and reevaluate my options.

Close ups

Here are a few closeups to the final illustration, to show some of the detail in the textures. For the skin texture, I worked at 2048 x 2048 in Substance Painter 2 and exported the channels at 4096px for the final render (one of my favorite features from SP2).

Get Issue 97

Here is the link to the 3D Artist Magazine issue 97 where you can see the full tutorial.