The Alpha

The Alpha

Project Description

This is the final composited image of the growling black wolf tutorial. The tutorial was published by the 3DArtist magazine in the 104 issue and it is a step by step breakdown of the entire process, from the concept and sculpting of the wolf to the hair creation and render. The entire image (with exception of some background elements) was created within ZBrush 4R7.

Project Details

Grownling wolf tutorial created for the 3DArtist Magazin issue 104


One of the key elements of this image is the fur, so I made a few custom brushes for grooming the hair and have more control over how it conforms to the underlying surface. These are 3 short gifs showing how the FiberMesh behave with the custom brushes.

3DArtist Magazine Issue 104

Here is the link where you can get the issue where the wolf’s tutorial is featured.