SP2 iRay render

Substance painter 2 final render

The Patriarch Clay Render

Project Description

This guy is a more refined version of an old sketch. I decided to use this bust to test my “double action” brushes, mainly to add skin details like: pores, wrinkles, some damage, etc. I sculpted all the tiny details in separate layers and at the end, I decided to turn them all off and send the semi-finish sculpt to Substance Painter, to add the details there.

Project Details

Sculpted in ZBrush 4R7 and exported as FBX to Substance Painter 2 for textures. Clay render in Keyshot.

Texturing process

This is a quick run through the texturing process of the Patriarch. I started with a more realistic skin tone in mind but after playing with some of the blending models in the layers I found the true colour of this guy! (click on the image to see it bigger).

Marmoset Viewer

A quick guide

I made a quick video tutorial on the some of the “double action” brushes I used, check it out and let me know what you think.