Loxodonta Embouteillage

About the project

This project started as an experiment and turned into detailed model. The approach I took to sculpt this piece was very different from what I usually do. Almost every time I want to explore shapes in 3D, I start with a Dynamesh Sphere. From a single sphere I begin pull things and ADD volume until I have a shape that I’m happy with. For this Illustration, on the contrary, I did the opposite and started to SUBTRACT volumes from a big block (Dynamesh cylinder).

Project Details

ZBrush for the sculpture and textures. I rendered decimated version with an external render, and use Photoshop for the compositing.

“Negative Space” Sculpting

The whole point of this exercise, was to start of with a set volume and then carve and “delete” parts to get the form. I used the Dam_Standard brush as a carving knife to define the areas and various Clay brushes to push geometry in. Here is a time-lapse: