Lost Creatures

Wandering The Wild

The Creatures breakdown

About the process

The model comes from a simple Dynamesh sphere (the antlers are zspheres turned into skin and then “dynameshed”), very simple modeling. The only thing it might be worth mentioning is that the stylising of the antlers was done with the Dam_standard brush, Inflate and Standard brush.

The texture of the skin is just polypaint and I used the Standard brush with colour spray and a doted alpha to generate variants of colour and to grow the fibermesh with that colour information.

I masked portions of the body and face to create separate sub-tools with fibermesh to make it more manageable and to have more control of the length and “flow” of the fibres.

Project Details

ZBrush for the Creature and Photoshop for the background.

Here is an image that was created using pretty much the same technique:

a wandering creature with long antlers in a snowy landscape

Compositing The Creature

I rendered very simple passes with BPR. Mainly the lights, the colour pass, a mask, shadows, AO and zdepth.

The compositing of the character is very simple too: All the light passes are set to “screen” mode in Photoshop, except the RIM light, which was set to “Add”. for the rest of the passes I just played with opacity until I was happy with it.

Compositing The Image

The way I painted the background of this illustration, as well as the compositing of the final image, is almost identical as the process I used for the project A Morning In The Woods” I used several layers starting from the back, and adding more details as I got closer to the foreground.

a wandering creature with long antlers in a snowy landscape

A Quick Guide

I separated the main layers for the background into separate images. I also added some notes to show you some of the steps I took to create the background