Lost Cratures

Shelter From The Rain

Some bits and pieces that make up the final image

About the process

For this project, I started with a brainstorm of keywords and concepts to get the creative juices flowing. I usually do this as a quick exercise to help me “map” the ideas I have. I created a colour palette and a very rough 3D sketch of the scene. I used primitives and basic shapes to build a reference file, then I worked on each individual object separately, combining them for the final image.

One of the challenges I encountered with this project was the creature’s wet hair. I spent at least 60% of time of this project just tweaking Fibremesh settings, creating textures and MatCaps to use in the creature’s fur.

Project Details

I used ZBrush to create the scene. The creature, for instance, started as a Zspheres armature. For other elements like the shelter, I used a box modeling approach. The final render passes were compossed in Photoshop where I also did a bit of paint-over.

Close up

I made this image with the intention of printing it out, so the original image is quite big. Here are some closeups to different areas of the illustration that show the details a bit better. some of the very fine details come from a combination of the texture applied to the model and manually painting over the renders.

A Quick Guide

For this project I compressed the work I did over a week, into a very short time-lapse video, where you can see the process from beginning to end. Add your comment and let me know what you think!