Lost Creatures


Compositing process

Parimicuarus is one of the lost creatures' smallest species

About the process

As you can see from the images of the process, the background was created in in multiple layers. I blurred each layer with a different radius, depending on how far or close they were, to the focal point (the creature).

I rendered a few passes from ZBrush using BPR. One of the most useful passes for this illustration, was the SSS pass. I used an early version of my single pass shader material to get a more realistic effect of the ears and tail.

Project Details

ZSphere to create the armature and posing the character. I “dynameshed” the creature in the final pose and work without symmetry to sculpt the body. Photoshop for the background and the compositting of ZBrush render passes.

The 3D Sculpture

This is how the little creature looks without the fur. There aren’t many details because the hair is thick and covers the whole creature. However, adding the skin folds and large wrinkles helps with the creation of the fibres, as they grow from the polygon’s normals and follow a more organic distribution.