Lost Creatures

A Morning In The Woods

About this image

This image actually a “second take” on another illustration: Lost Creatures – Wandering The Wild.

I reused the 3D model of the creature from the previous illustration and made some minor tweaks to the render passes; The background is painted with very loose strokes in multiple layers that made easier the compositing of the final image.

There is a little description about the compositing of the creature passes on the other project. Click here to check it out!


Project Details

For this image I used ZBrush to sculpt the Creature and to render various passes. Then I used Photoshop to paint the background to do the compositing of the image.


For the backgrounds and composition, I wanted a lot of depth of field and I knew I was going to blur things out, so I didn’t spend too much time detailing things, I used a really cool photo I found on the internet (Snowy forest by Siluetti)  as a reference to paint the trees and background layers.

A Quick Guide

I made a quick step by step guide, outlining the process of how I made the background, check it out and let me know if it helps.