Lost Creatures


About the process

This illustration is a bit old now, but it was the first from the whole “Lost Creatures” series. I started with a Dynamesh sphere that I shaped to create the creature. The 3D sculpture is super simple, the “blob” doesn’t even have a face, and the creature’s fur was done with Fibremesh as well as the dandelions. In Photoshop, I painted the background in various layers using some custom brushes I made for this illustration.

Project Details

I used Dynamesh for the creature and zspheres to shape the antlers, Fibremesh for the creature’s hair and the dandelions. Photoshop for the background and the compositting of ZBrush render passes.

process for creating the Dandeland illustration

A Bit Of The Process

Here is a bit of the process of how I made the background and how the 3D elements were integrated.