Insectoid PBR Renders

Insectoid Mesh

Project Description

This was one of those sketching sessions in ZBrush where you loos track of time. But It end up being a nice project to track the amount of time I was putting into setting up a model for texturing outside ZBrush. It also helped me to improve the workflow between ZBrush and Substance painter.

Project Details

Modeling was done in ZBrush using Dynamesh. Substance Painter for texturing and extra details.


Here is a quick overview of the texturing process using Substance Painter. I started with solid colours and a few generators to block in the main areas and create variations, then I painted some details in different layers and refined the look of the “material” by manually painting the roughness channel.

Sculpting Time-Lapse

There are a few Time-lapses from the sculpting process of this guy in case you are curious. I started from a Dynamesh sphere and kept the groups when “Dynameshing” (Ctrl+Drag),  to be able to quickly show/hide (Ctrl+Shift+Click) areas of the model.