Get the brushes I used to sculpt details on Franky.

“Franky” Keyshot Render

Final Render

For the final render of this character, I used Keyshot to render a single pass. After the render was completed, I took it into Photoshop and treat it as RAW portrait photo, adjusting curves, exposure, etc. I also did bit of paint over to refine some areas.

Keyshot Render Compositing

“Franky” BPR Composition

PBR Renders and composition

I was very happy with the image I got straight from Keyshot (image on the left), but I wanted to try another version of this character with BPR render passes. Mainly because I love the compositing process and I get more control over what each layer is doing.

BPR Passes Compositing

BPR Passes

These are the main passes I used in the Photoshop composition. The lighting is very simple, nothing too dramatic, just a key light and a rim light. The additional touches of light and colour are generated from the masks and “fill colour” layers.


To generate the texture of this guy, I used ZBrush Polypaint with various layers. I started laying down the colour as I normally would for a more natural skin tone, but progressively adding more green and blue tones rather than red hues.

I used some custom Polypaint brushes and a series of masking techniques to produce variations in the skin tones. I also used a custom material to judge the colour without much shading, which you can download here It is called “Albedo Polypaint”.

Sculpting Time-Lapse

This is a time-lapse showing the process of sculpting details with the “Double Action” brushes:

Double Action Brushes PART 2

I actually sculpted this head, to test the my second set of “Double Action” brushes and as my reference model for the video tutorial. I also got a few emails about the compositing of this image in Photoshop, so here are a few links to stuff you might find useful