Great White

About the project

When I went on my trip to the Northern Territory of Australia, I did a lot of sketching. I took one idea that I liked and worked on it a bit more to create the Great White creature. I wanted to add some feather to it, so I created a few of them with various shapes and sizes, that I manually placed on the model. I thought the creature looked alright but I was more interested on the feathers so I decided to refine them to create a Multi Mesh Insert brush. I took another sketch, the weird looking chicken, and used the new MMI feather brush to test the feathers.

Project details

The creatures are Dynamesh sculptures. I used the MMI brush to insert feathers and added extra details using Fibremesh. I used BPR to render the passes and Photoshop for contrast and colouring tweaks.

Who wants some feathers?

When I was working on the chicken creature, I spent some time on the feathers and I thought that they could work as a MMI brush. I hope they help!