14 heads, male and female, with 7 human expressions

In this post, you’ll find a few renders of male and female faces with different expressions. The 14 heads were part of my contribution to the book: The Artist’s guide to the anatomy of the human head a really cool reference book focusing on the anatomical forms and features of the human head to learn how to portray emotions.

I took on the challenge to sculpt these 6 key expressions (or 7, counting the neutral expression) as part of the stylisation chapter. This was a very refreshing project to work on that gave me a chance to step away from my usual creature-like design work.

The process of sculpting these heads was pretty standard and relaxed as I wanted to keep a ‘sketchy’ look and feel. I first created a very simple base mesh of a generic female head using DynaMesh, I then re-topologies the generic head and tweaked a duplicate of it, to create the base mesh for the male heads. Once I had the base meshes, I started sculpting the expressions with symmetry off and following the subdivision level approach. For the eyes, I used the Multi-eye tool as a starting point and then Keyshot to render them out.

Here is the book

You can get it from the 3Dtotal online shop