The illustration

Black and white / Clay render

About the project

This character was born from the various test I made when I was developing a process to create dreadlocks with fibremesh in ZBrush. Although the main focus was in creating realistic dreadlocks, I thought I needed a cool character to wear the hairstyle. Everything was done in ZBrush, including texturing and polypaint.

Project Details

Sculpted in ZBrush and various passes rendered with BPR. Photoshop for compositing.


Here are some close-ups to the final illustrations. There are 3 fibremesh settings that make up each dreadlock and a bit of “grooming” to get the desired effect.

Dreadlocks tutorial!

After all the testing I did, I put together a tutorial where I show you step by step what I did to create this particular hairstyle.