Sketchy Sculptures With 3D Clay

Here is the complete series of Clay Sketches

Clay Material Tutorial

Learn how to create a variety of clay materials in ZBrush

The sketches

About the sketches

The 3D clay sketches are not really part of any project, they are the product of experimentation, practice or warm up sessions for a bigger project / sculpts. Sometimes I like what I end up with, so I render the Dynamesh sketch with the presentation clay material or I put it aside to do some further work on them later, like what I did with The Sailor.

About the process

I start with a Dynamesh sphere. Then I use the Move brush to block the main volumes, followed by a combination of Clay, Standard and Dam_standard brushes to add details to the sculpture.

Alternative Renders


For some these Clay Sketches, I occasionally do alternative renders. They might be a full new render from a different angle and different lighting or they could be just simple tweaks to the saturation and curves in Photoshop.

The Sketch Evolution

To see one of the clay sketches evolve into a more polished piece check out The Sailor.

Time Lapses

Most of the Clay sketches are “speed sculptures” done within an hour. I have recorded a few session and speed them up into time lapses to show the process of sculpting from beginning to end. check the Quick Guides page to see some of videos.