The final image

About the project

This project was made entirely within ZBrush (expect compositing). I made a couple of 3D sketches to explore shapes, I chose one and polished it. I used ZSphere to manually retopololise the sculpt and create a low-res version of the model, I then created the UV map and poly-painted the texture in the highest subdivision level.

Project Details

For the final image, I took a few render passes exported from ZBrush using BPR, and did the composition in Photoshop. I also exported the lowest subdivision levels and a series of maps to test it on sketchfab (below).

Presentation Materials

Here are some images rendered with a single pass in zbrush with a few presentation materials I created. If you want to try the materials you can download them from the resources page.

Interactive Low-Res version of the model

Wet Clay Material eBook

If you have further interest in the presentation materials, check the Wet Clay material tutorial. It is an eBook entirely dedicated to create the CLAY look and feel in 3D, but I also explaine how to create a material from scratch. I hope it helps!