Sculpting From The Imagination In ZBrush

It has been a long time since I shared a series of ZBrush sketches in one post. The last time, was probably the Clay Sketches series I did with the 1 hour sculpting challenge.

Now that the new 3DTotal book is out, is time to do another update! This year, I had privilege to collaborate and contribute to the book: Sculpting from the imagination: ZBrush. It is a fantastic book, very well put together and genuinely an amazing source of inspiration.

Sculpting from the imagination ZBrush

PMG-Sculpting from the imagination ZBrush

So this short post is to show you some sketches from the few sculptures I’ve finished, as well as some other work that got lost in the excitement of other new projects. There is a link below each image that will take you to the final render/illustration in case you are curious.

All images below, are ZBrush sculptures rendered with Keyshot (same lighting setup for all of them).


You can get the Sculpting from the imagination: ZBrush book HERE

There is a free extract of the book shared in the pixologic’s blog if you want to have a look.

Let me know what you think about the book!

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