A small update to the ZBrush Materials FORM pack

The response to the ZBrush Materials FORM pack has been phenomenal which is why I wanted to do a quick update with¬†additional projects and materials. This update to the pack is basically a complementary set of materials that includes one very important project with a ‘blank’ material so you can render models that have texture or polypaint information.

There is another cool project to render with a ‘night vision’ look and feel (a personal favorite), particularly useful to render creepy and weird looking creatures. But the bulk of this free update is to give you 16 new materials and projects, that mimic the look and feel from the recently announced Formlabs color kit resins. These new materials simulate the 16 sample color ‘recipes’: Cheery, Apricot, Magenta, Grape, Yellow, Peach, Walnut, Twilight, Grass, Sand, Coffee, Azure, Lime, Forest, Ocean, and Cyan.

This is a FREE update, which means that if you already got a copy of the ZBrush materials Form pack, you can simply download it from¬† your ‘download link’ (the one you got with the confirmation email). If you don’t have the materials pack yet, the update will simply be included as part of the files, so you’ll actually get all of the 68 materials and render projects.

Here a ZBrush single BPR, using the ‘Nocturnal’ project, giving this creature that creepy look:

This project works best if you have a model or a scene with noticeable depth. I encourage you to play around with the filters that I’ve enabled for this project, as they can greatly improve the image by tweaking things like the brightness of the render and the depth of the ‘darkness’.

Also, here an example of my Franky character with polypaint using the ‘blank project’ (single BPR pass):

And finally here is a quick render of an alien head using one of the materials from the color kit update:

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