Mastering The UV Master

In-depth tutorial on how to use ZBrush UV Master

A full overview of the ZBrush UV Master Plugin

UV Master is probably one of the most frequently used ZBrush plugins, and this is for a good reason: it removes a great deal of technical processes, allowing you to spend more time in the creative realm. It is also the answer to how can I automate this tedious process of unwrapping 3D object?


I am a huge fan of the UV Master. We have shared a lot of moments, from epic crashes that destroy everything, to surprisingly near perfect UVs, with a single click. Fortunately, the “bad” moments are not as bad and are mostly due to easily, avoidable mistakes.

I created this guide to give you a broader understanding of what the UV Master can do for you as well as providing you with a simple workflow based on the things what have worked for me when creating UVs within ZBrush.

I hope that by explaining some key concepts and showing you my workflow, you’ll be able to leverage the full potential of the UV Master; Ultimately speeding up your workflow and allowing you more room for creative exploration.


Along with the ebook tutorial, you’ll find a series of resources that might be useful for you. You can follow the steps in the guide and I’ll let you know when a resources is needed to illustrate a point. Some resources can be found in the ZBGs resource page, so If you don’t need the resource to complete the tutorial, you can still use them in your own projects.

Q&A or “Forum”

I tend to get a few emails with questions about the various tutorials I’ve made, so I thought it might be a good idea to create a unique page for this tutorial. We can use the comments section below, for feedback or to discuss any questions you might have about this particular tutorial.

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UV Master Workflow Summary

The image with the mind map on the right, is a summary of the workflow explained in the tutorial. You’ll get a “full-res” version with the tutorial but I added a low-res here, so you can pin it to your pinterest board easily.