Getting Started With ZBrushCore

A series of 12 short videos for beginners, covering essential features and processes in ZBrushCore

Begin your ZBrush journey!

In this series of short video tutorials, we’ll take a look at some of the most important tools, features and process to get you started with ZBrushCore.


In the same way that ZBrushCore serves as an introduction to ZBrush for new artists, this mini-series was designed to provide a simple and very quick way to introduce some basic concepts in  ZBrushCore to get you sculpting within minutes.

As oppose to some other guides that you’ll find in this website, this videos won’t go into too much detail about what each button does, or a step by step explanation of a particular process. Instead, you’ll get a glimpse of what some of the features in ZBrushCore could be used for.

I suggest you work your way through the videos linearly (starting with the ‘Intro’) but feel free to skip a video if you are already familiar with some of the processes. If you are already well embedded into the ZBrush world and know all the basics, you might want to skip the tutorials and watch the last video of the series: ‘Timelapse Overview’ which should give you a rough idea of one possible workflow within ZBrushCore from beginning to end.

This series was recorded with an earlier version of ZBrushCore (BETA), so your version of ZBrushCore might be slightly different (better). But nothing that will stop you from completing the tutorials. 

  • Level: Beginner 5%
Software Used
What you'll learn in this series
  • ZBrushCore Navigation and User Interface
  • The Brush system and advanced brushes
  • Interact and manipulate your models
  • Various ways that you can start a new project
  • Polygroups and Subtools
  • Subdivision levels and free sculpting with Dynamesh
  • How to use ZSpheres armatures
  • To polypaint and use materials
  • A bit of lighting and rendering

About the resources…

There is a link to download all the resources at the bottom of the page. If you don’t know how to load things into ZBrushCore yet, click on these tabs to learn how.

To load the custom brushes into ZBrushCore, go to the brush palette (menu) and click on ‘Load’ and then select a brush from the resources (a ‘.ZBP’ file).


To load the custom lights into ZBrushCore, go to the Light palette and click on ‘Load’ and then select a light setup from the resources (a ‘.Zli’ file).


Loading Armatures is like opening a file, go to File and click on ‘Open’ and then select an armature from the resources (a ‘.ZPR’ file).


Some stuff created with ZBrushCore:

Getting Started With ZBrushCore Tutorial Series:

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Links mentioned in the videos:

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