ZBrush Double Action Brushes Part 3

More control for your “Double Action” Brushes

In this tutorial, I’ll show you two modifiers that are very intuitive, easy to tweak and can vastly modify the behaviour of your brushes. Assuming that you have already watched the PART 1 and PART 1 of these “double action” brushes series, the main focus of this guide will on a couple of attributes withing the ZBrush stroke palette.

If you remember, the brushes from PART 2, were mainly ‘skin’ brushes to add bumps, pores and scars. For this new tutorial, I created a series of brushes specifically to sculpt and/or detail rocks. However, I’ll show you the technique and what the modifiers do, so you can create a wide range of brushes for different purposes.

Here is one of the ‘Cliff maker’ brush in action:

Here is another one that builds larger shapes, but with some high-frequency details:

Here is another example of a brush that creates interesting patterns by simply changing the direction of how it is applied:

And finally, here is a simple but useful brush to add details without altering the main volumes:

With this technique, you can build a set of custom brushes that will let you sketch out ideas in ZBrush very quickly. For instance, here is the process of a super simple rock created in minutes, with these “double action” rock brushes:


Software Used

ZBrush 4R7

  • Level: intermediate 80%

Learn about:

The Roll and Roll distance modifiers from the stroke palette and how to make them work with other modifiers and tileable alphas.


The image below shows the practical application of the ‘Rock creation’ double action brushes mentioned in this tutorial. click on it to enlarge.

In the image below you can see the use of the double action brushes mentioned in this tutorial, to create a different style. click on it to go to the full post.

The tutorial:

That’s it for now.

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