ZBrush Advanced Brushes – ROCKS

This pack contains 50 custom brushes to create rocks in ZBrush, plus a couple of additional resources. These brushes are not just simple alphas, they allow you to sculpt like you would with a Standard brush or clay buildup brush, whilst creating interesting rock patterns with plenty of details.

ZBrush Advanced Brushes display

This pack has a new update for ZBrush 4R8!

This pack has been updated with 23 more 'Double Action' brushes and 5 VDMs for ZBrush 4R8.
Learn more about the update HERE


These brushes are intended to be used in the early stages of the sculpting process. They are built and tweaked to help you construct the overall shape of your rock formation. Check the ‘Intro’ video for some cool tips to get you started. 


These brushes are ideal for adding complex details to your rocks very quickly. Some brushes have a very strong effect ‘out of the box’ so you can clearly see what they do, if you need to you can lower the ‘Z intensity’ values to get more control over the effect.


Polish brushes from this pack, are essential to the process of refining the overall shape and finer details of your rocks. Most of these brushes use alpha maps which allow you to keep (or add) details while you polish your mesh.


These brushes are suitable for different scenarios (structure or details) and encourage experimentation. You could replace the alphas of these brushes with a new image (created with the other brushes), for a completely new effect.

About This pack...

What is this ‘Advanced set of Brushes’

This useful set of custom made brushes was created with ZBrush 4R7 to speed up the sculpting process of any rock formation in Zbrush. This pack has a very specific use. However, using these brushes you can create your own custom alphas to work in other software (watch tutorial for more) and for other purposes like creature sculpting.

What’s in the pack?

In this resource pack, you’ll find a set of 50 brushes for the creation of rocks within ZBrush. Additionally, you’ll get 55 high-resolution reference images and 15 tileable rock textures (4K) as bonus material (including Normal, height, roughness and base colour maps).

Using the brushes...

Installing the brushes

In ZBrush, you don’t really need to install new brushes, you just need to add them to the right folder if you want them visible from the LightBox. In this very short video, I’ll show you how to set them up for easy access and to keep things organised. 

There are more brushes coming soon, learn about the FREE updates

Quick tutorial

In this short tutorial, I go over the creation process of a single rock. The idea is to show you how quickly you can flesh out a concept with these brushes. I also demonstrate (briefly), a method you can use to extend the use of this pack by creating custom alphas for other purposes.

User Guide

Experimenting with the brushes to see what they do is always fun, but you might be looking for a very specific effect. Which is why you’ll also get a simple USER GUIDE with this pack, giving you a brief description of the brush behaviour and how it was built.

Future updates!

There are MORE really cool rock brushes coming soon. Once you get this ‘Advanced brushes pack’, you’ll get all future updates from this pack for FREE. You’ll get notified by email as soon as I make any updates to these resources (to the email you’re using to get this pack).

Some Work Using these Resources

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